Recipe: Milky sponge paper cup cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Milky sponge paper cup cake


This formula just happens to be a six-piece model; the cake made is very soft and full of milk, very popular with children!



  1. Put the milk and butter in a bowl, heat it until the butter melts, and let it cool.

  2. The fine sugar is poured into the whole egg liquid, and it is sent to the egg liquid at a high speed with an electric egg beater. The color of the egg liquid becomes lighter, the tissue gradually becomes thick and fine and smooth, and the good condition is that the egg paste flowing down can leave a clear in the basin. The traces are not easy to disappear.

  3. The flour is sieved into the egg liquid three times and evenly mixed;

  4. Pour the milk butter into the batter along the side of the pot and mix it evenly; (the butter is easy to defoam and the method should be as gentle as possible)

  5. Put the cake paste into the paper tray for 9 minutes, and shake out the bubbles;

  6. Put in a preheated oven, 170 degrees, middle layer, about 25 minutes, the surface is golden yellow. (Each oven has different tempers, time and temperature are for reference only) Do you have a question about adding a prescription to WeChat: tangtang20091002

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