Recipe: Millet pumpkin juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Millet pumpkin juice


Mixing millet with pumpkin, replenishing the spleen and nourishing the stomach, rich in nutrients and comprehensive, in addition to porridge drink, you can also use the soymilk machine to make juice, the color is beautiful, people are loved, after the refrigerator in the summer, it is a delicate and natural Healthy drinks 噢~ process map after the supplement~



  1. Millet, rice washed and soaked

  2. Pumpkin peeled and nucleated, washed and cut into small pieces

  3. Put the soaked millet, rice, and pumpkin into the soymilk machine, add the milk and water to the water level, and select the grain key. After the start, it will be completed automatically. You will wait for the nutritious milky millet pumpkin juice.


1. According to the preference of the individual, adjust the proportion of the material appropriately. 2. Choose pure milk or sweet milk or no milk according to personal preference. Replace all with clean water. 3. Choose hot and cold drinks with your personal choice. 4. After using the soymilk machine, please Timely cleaning

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