Recipe: Mint ice powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Mint ice powder


I planted some mint leaves on the top of the building, and decided to make mint cold powder [Love]. I went to the vegetable market today to buy cold powder. The boss told me that they had mint concentrate and sold it. The mint ice powder sold outside was from her. The goods I brought, I heard that the taste made with fresh mint leaves is not particularly cool, the mint aroma is not too strong, but this fragrance is especially cool. The color is bright yellow and yellow. I think that I have been eating outside for so many years. The whole person is not good [捂脸][捂脸][捂脸]



  1. 1. Boil with water and mint. (Remember that peppermint should not be cooked for too long or covered with a lid after cooking, which will only lead to a deeper color). 2. After the boiled mint water has picked the leaves out, put the cold powder into it and boil for 2 or 3 minutes. 3. Put in the mold and wait for cooling to warm and warm. Cover the lid or put it in the refrigerator with the plastic wrap.

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