Recipe: Miscellaneous rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Miscellaneous rice



  1. Cut the ham and all the greens, slice the garlic

  2. Fill the wok with oil, heat it, and sauté the garlic slices. Start with the eggplant and soften, then add the ham, tomatoes and potatoes.

  3. Adding soup has not been used for ingredients, the fire is boiled, and the potatoes are cooked in a small fire.

  4. Put in the loofah and cook for a minute, add the appropriate amount of salt and a little soy sauce, and finally put the leftover rice into a little boil and turn in the pepper to turn off the fire.


1. Green vegetables can be changed according to the materials at hand. The loofah must be put in the end and cooked slightly. 2. You can also use meat instead of ham. If that is the case, you should first fry the meat and then put other vegetables. 3. Other ingredients are relatively easy to cook. Only potatoes need to be cooked for a while. It can be penetrated with chopsticks and cut into small pieces. 4. Do not cook for a long time in rice, as long as it is cooked, otherwise it will be too bad, too bad, no taste.

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