Recipe: Mixed fungus corn shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Mixed fungus corn shoots


Although chicken, duck and fish are delicious, it is not perfect to have only meat and no vegetables on a meal. As the saying goes, the vegetarian diet is reasonable. Although the meat is delicious, the light side dishes are also indispensable on the table. There is no light dish. How can it bring out the mellowness of the meat, only the sweetness of the meat is not the sweetness of the small dish, and it is not a pity. Therefore, I usually pay more attention to the production of side dishes. On that day, I saw that I bought some fresh corn shoots and bought some back. I am going to make this cold side dish. The corn shoots that were made before were canned, and this time the fresh corn shoots should be more delicious.



  1. Fresh corn shoots are washed, longitudinally cut in half from the middle; fungus is soaked in warm water, washed and washed; cucumber and carrot are sliced; garlic chopped

  2. Boil the boiled water, simmer in the corn shoots and scald for 2-3 minutes, then remove the carrots for 1 minute. Finally, remove the fungus from the fungus for 1 minute. All the water is drained and poured into the basin.

  3. Put the minced garlic in the pot and transfer the salt, chicken powder and chili oil.

  4. Heat the pot with a proper amount of salad oil and pepper oil, then pour it on the garlic and mix well.

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