Recipe: Multigrain fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Multigrain fried rice


The unit moved, temporarily not for food, can only bring their own food, because of lazy reasons, do not want to cook and cook, do fried rice every day, please do not laugh at me... In the morning, I will go straight to dinner without taking the process, please understanding



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: 1. First send the scallops.

    1. First send the scallops.

  2. 2. Cut carrots and oyster mushrooms into diced.

  3. 3. Stir the oyster mushrooms to the discoloration, then add other ingredients to fry them.

  4. 4. Cook the eggs in the other pot, and then stir the previously fried ingredients and rice into the pot (because the morning time is a little tight, so the rice will not be fried separately), the rice is hot and a little salt can be used. The pot is gone. (There are scallop eggs, oyster mushrooms, so there is no need to put MSG and the like)

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