Recipe: Mustard mustard

Home Cooking Recipe: Mustard mustard


The leaves outside the window are yellow, and the background of the photo is seen. It is a good time to eat mustard in the late autumn.  The mustard greens in the market are fat and tender.  It is a home-cooked dish in Yunnan, and it is often seen in the Yunnan restaurant in Beijing, but the leaves of the leek are going to be thirty or forty.  Bitter vegetables and mustard are a family, different varieties, have a slight bitter taste, very fast and simple to operate at home



  1. Wash the mustard and tear it into pieces by hand

  2. Boil the pot with boiling water, add a pinch of salt, and cook the mustard for two or three minutes.

  3. Even the soup with the soup is poured into the dish, and the soy sauce, the pepper powder, the chili powder are used to make the water, and the food is eaten.


Yunnan people eat this dish is even the soup to eat, and finally drink a few soup, light, hot, warm heart Like to eat drowning, you may wish to buy Yunnan's "single mountain water" tastes good, add some soy sauce and mix well, it is very convenient

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