Recipe: Natto Bibimbap

Home Cooking Recipe: Natto Bibimbap


Shandong's hometown has a kind of bean paste and natto, and there is a smelly smell, especially with green onion. In comparison, natto tastes too light. . . Natto is slippery and tastes like a tongue. . .



  1. Natto and soy sauce, mustard, stir evenly, and mix it on hot rice, sprinkle with chopped green onion and serve.


A simple and simple staple food, the best choice when you are too lazy to cook! Natto is the Yanjing box that the supermarket bought. A box with a bowl of rice. There is a small packet of mustard and a small packet of soy sauce in a box. I personally think that the amount is a little less and the taste is not enough. I added some soy sauce and mustard.

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