Recipe: Oil-free classic chocolate

Home Cooking Recipe: Oil-free classic chocolate


Izumi low fat dessert experiment... This material and practice is super easy! And you can clear the remaining protein! It doesn't matter if there is no protein, whole eggs are also OK! No chocolate, but chocolate! When it was just released, it was full of fragrance! Loose and soft can't help but eat a whole! The point is! Fast, no oil, no burden! (^o^)/~ The following amount of finished product size reference: Pound cake mold 22x9x6 exactly one About 6 cup cakes ============================================== The Oil Free & Cream Low Fat Snack Menu is constantly updated:



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1. If the egg is beaten to 8 minutes, the whole egg is sent to a sticky shape. Do not send too much. 2. If the temperature of the oven is too high and the surface is burnt, please cover the tin foil in time. 3. It is recommended to eat hot! After the cool down, the microwave oven is reheated or the oven is heated at 180 degrees. However, the taste at room temperature or refrigerated is also good. Sweet-smelling students please add sugar Students who are bitter and bitter can decide to reduce sugar, but! This weight has already had a slight bitter taste.~~I don’t particularly like bitterness. Actually, I don’t need sugar reduction~~anyway, I like it~~ 4. The taste of high-powder is relative to Q-bomb. You can also use medium-powder low-powder, high-powder→low-powder~feel Q-bomb→soft, as you like. 5. I expect the cheesemakers to test the varied versions of the material, such as the matcha-flavored sesame-flavored almond miso...

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