Recipe: Oil-free version of cola chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Oil-free version of cola chicken wings



  1. Treat the chicken wings that have been bought back, wash them and scratch them in the wings.

  2. Heat the pot and put in the chicken wings to stir fry, remember, dry pot, do not put asleep, do not put oil, chicken wings should not be marinated, directly into the pot with stir-fry stir fry

  3. Stir fry until the chicken wings are slightly discolored, put a lot of soy sauce in a flat spoon, I will put the amount of soy sauce on ten chicken wings. If the chicken wings are more or less than 10, the soy sauce is also increased or decreased.

  4. After adding the soy sauce, stir-fry the chicken wings for a few minutes until the chicken wings are completely dyed with soy sauce and start to pour cola. The amount of cola is based on the surface of the cock that has not passed the chicken wings. The above or below the plane will destroy the taste.

  5. After the cola is added, you can cover the lid and slowly simmer it. Until the cola juice is almost finished, you can make it out. Is it super simple? Less oil and less salt, the oil of the chicken wings itself is enough to make this dish taste the same as the oiled chicken wings.

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