Recipe: Old Beijing white soup sheep scorpion

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing white soup sheep scorpion


A young old Beijing, I, the traditional practice of super love, the taste is: Unforgettable!



  1. Wash the sheep's hazelnuts, cut three wide sections, and soak for 6-10 hours in cold water (frozen for a while); onion shredded, ginger, white radish slices

  2. Cold boiled water + tea (traditionally, green tea has the best odor effect, other teas have been tried, you can try to share the experience), 1:1, cold water, over the pot, scorpion, scorpion, bloody simmer Clean, no longer red foam, remove

  3. Re-burn a pot of boiling water, under the sheep, onion, ginger, medicine

  4. Cook for 40 minutes on high heat, don't cover it, so that the smell can evaporate with steam.

  5. After 40 minutes, add seasoning: salt, MSG, white pepper, simmer on low heat, add white radish slices, boil and eat ~

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