Recipe: Orange juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Orange juice


The winter in the north is the season to eat oranges. When the children are young, the old man in the family will pick up the orange peel and keep it. It will be placed on the heater to dry and soak in the water. In childhood, there are orange soda, orange candy and hard candy. Sugar... Big, these patterns are gradually gone~ Everyone starts to drink orange juice, orange-flavored drinks, jelly, candied orange peel... Orange is just a monotonous orange and has been indifferent to people~ Mr. Wang loves to buy red net bag Small oranges, sweet and sour~ Recently in the carbonated drinks, simply squeeze the orange juice, think that it should be good to drink ~ the first bit of drinking is really moved, like when I was back It brings you a very simple excitement, the taste of the orange in the memory ~ some can not be said, I am very emotional ~ but really recommend a cup of orange juice, maybe you will feel what I said ~



  1. Juice extractor

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