Recipe: Papaya Coconut Juice Sago

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya Coconut Juice Sago



  1. Peel the papaya and cut it into a diced

  2. Sago is washed with water

  3. Cold water will boil the sago

  4. Sago until it is translucent, remove the cold water

  5. Continue to cook the sago boiled in cold water

  6. Cook until the sago becomes transparent and remove the cold water

  7. Put the cut papaya into the container

  8. Add sago boiled in cold water

  9. Pour coconut juice into the cup

  10. Squeeze in lemon juice and add a little honey to taste, stir all the ingredients a little.


Boil the Q bomb simi simple 4 steps: 1. Boil the cold water sago, 2. Cook until semi-transparent to remove the cold water, 3. Continue to cook in cold water, 4. Cook until almost completely transparent, then remove the cold water You can

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