Recipe: Papaya milk jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya milk jelly


Papaya milk jelly and papaya milk are sweet drinks. When papaya and milk are mixed, if the protein is too long, the protein in the milk will decompose excessively to produce bitter peptide, which becomes very difficult to eat. There are two solutions: eat it as soon as possible; or steam the papaya before doing it, and then mix the milk and then do not suffer.



  1. Fish gelatin powder is added to cool milk to soak

  2. Papaya peeled and diced, chopped, add whipped cream, sugar (a spoonful can be, love sweet more)

  3. Fish gelatin powder is melted in milk and can be placed in hot water to accelerate melting

  4. Add the milk fish gelatin to the papaya, stir and freeze until solidified.

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