Recipe: Passion fruit honey tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Passion fruit honey tea



  1. Cut the passion fruit in half

  2. Dig out the pulp into the container and pour in warm water

  3. Adjust the honey


Do not add high-temperature water to honey and passion fruit to avoid better absorption of nutrients. If brewing with boiling water will cause some active substances, proteins to denature, and lose the original biological activity, VC is also not heat-resistant, and will lose more at high temperatures. Passion fruit is rich in more than 160 kinds of essential amino acids, such as 17 kinds of amino acids and multi-vitamins and trace elements. It has the magical effect of eliminating fatigue, refreshing, reducing blood pressure, reducing blood pressure, reducing inflammation and removing spots, skin care and beauty. Passion fruit, also known as egg fruit, the scientific name Passionflower, the English name is passion fruit, "passion" means "enthusiasm, love", so passion fruit is also known as "love fruit", "lover fruit." Passion fruit is rich in nutrients and has the reputation of “king of juice”. This variety is a rare and high-grade precious fruit recently introduced from abroad. It is a perennial tropical vine. It has a unique leaf shape, bright colors and evergreen seasons. The juice can exude a rich aroma of more than ten kinds of fruits such as guava, pineapple, banana, strawberry, lemon, mango and sour plum. Plus honey, the effect is remarkable.

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