Recipe: Perilla lemon leaf fried flower

Home Cooking Recipe: Perilla lemon leaf fried flower


This lemon leaf fried flower is very different from the ordinary fried method. In addition to the taste, the spicy taste also reveals the refreshing taste of the lemon! I want to stop eating...



  1. Put the oil in the hot pot, then put the chopped garlic and small pepper into the pot to stir the aroma.

  2. Put in the flower armor, stir fry, add the basil leaves, lemon leaves and fry, put a small amount of water to let the refreshing taste of the basil and lemon evaporate.

  3. Put the appropriate amount of salt, chicken powder, oyster sauce, and open the shell after the flower is opened. It’s just hot and fresh, and it’s just like a fresh flower!


People who can't eat too spicy can choose other peppers.

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