Recipe: Pickles, winter bamboo shoots, rice cake soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickles, winter bamboo shoots, rice cake soup


You have to be fast in the winter, you deserve it. :)



  1. Take out the pickled pickles and chop them. The winter bamboo shoots are peeled and cut into large pieces and boiled out for cooling, then shredded. spare

  2. Use lard to sauté the winter bamboo shoots and pickles, add MSG.

  3. The rice cake is cut into pieces. Put the pickled winter bamboo shoots with boiling water, boil them in medium heat, and put in the chopped rice cake pieces. After boiling, turn off the small fire. Add salt and mushroom essence according to your taste, or add some sesame oil. Some chopped green onions. Turn off the fire.


If you like the mochi, you can wait until the rice cake is put into the pickled winter bamboo shoot soup and then roll it off. When cooked, you can turn off the heat, then put the seasoning, and the rice cake can be cut thicker. If you like to eat soft simmer, add some water and boil it once again. If the soup is delicious, you can start to fry it when you start to fry the pickled winter bamboo shoots, then cook for a while while burning the pickled winter bamboo shoots.

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