Recipe: Pig's hoof (meat meat)

Home Cooking Recipe: Pig's hoof (meat meat)


What the master of the family did, I wouldn’t let me explain it.



  1. Wash the pig's trotters and soak them in cold water for about half an hour.

  2. Add cold water to the skillet, add a little cooking wine, add trotters, boil after the fire, remove the floating foam, and continue to cook for 5-10 minutes. After cooking, remove the pig's trotters and wash them with water.

  3. Put the abundance and ginger into the box, wash the pot, add the cold water, put it into the box, boil it in the shovel, add the appropriate amount of cooking wine, soy sauce and soy sauce. Stewed in the fire. The amount of water should not be trotters. Even if you are hydrating during the stewing process, it is best to add water.

  4. Stew the fire until the trotters are soft and rotten, about 2-3 hours. Turn off the fire, take out the box, remove the pig's trotters, and remove the bones. Cut the trotters into small pieces. Put the trotters that have removed the bones back into the pot and let them cool. Cool thoroughly and place in the refrigerator for overnight. The next day you can become a pig's hoof.


1, the bulk material must be wrapped with a packet or box, do not disperse into the soup. 2, the whole process must be stewed in a fire, in order to stew the collagen in the pig's trotters. 3. After refrigerating, there will be a layer of white oil on the frozen surface of the pig's hoof. 4, the amount of soy sauce is based on personal taste.

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