Recipe: Pineapple fried duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Pineapple fried duck


The following content is from the parent-child story network:    Winter snow came quietly and continued in depth, and Xiaohan was cold for another year.  The bottom of my heart sighs, the years are like arrows, unconsciously, how many old memories are scattered like clouds and smoke, and suddenly, the new year has quietly come.  The people who cook have not changed, so they feel that they are almost the same every year. While recollecting the memories of the annual and old dishes in their memories, they also feel a little bit boring on the New Year’s table. .  How can we make ordinary ingredients and make a different taste? What kind of fresh dishes can you put on the big dinner table? It is estimated that a lot of benevolent women have begun to think about it.  However, the most important point is that this year's dishes are healthy and nutritious. In fact, as long as the choice of ingredients, changes in cooking methods and some tips, you can cook delicious and healthy.  When it comes to fruit, many people think of the first thing. In fact, the fruit and meat match, or sweet, or sour, or refreshing, or smooth, fresh and harmonious, it is a wonderful enjoyment. Wovoue2  The fruit is made into a dish with bright and colorful diet, and the fruit is natural. It is not only appetizing, but also enriches the taste of the food, and maintains its high edible effect, giving the fruit a deeper meaning.  Fruit into the dish, the benefits are many, but not all fruits are suitable for cooking, hot body can eat more cold fruits such as bananas, watermelon, coconut, etc., can heat and reduce fire; cold body can eat warm Fruits, such as longan, kumquat, durian, etc.; flat fruit is suitable for people of all physique, representing fruits such as apples, lemons, grapes and so on.  Eat fruit, eat the fresh sweetness of the fruit, so when cooking, try to keep the fruit fresh and sweet. Be careful with seasonings, and don't let other flavors overshave the original taste of the fruit.  The fruit has the characteristics of light taste, crisp meat and so on. The selected side dish can not be thick or hard and has bone and thorn material. Therefore, it is not advisable to cook for a long time, and the heat should not be too large.    Pineapple fried duck, fruity natural, sweet and sour pineapple tastes appetite, the fruity and meaty flavor of the imported pineapple is full, the meat is tender and juicy, the flavor is strong in the chewing process, and the meat flavor and fruit after eating The scent is endless and intriguing.    Fried pineapple with pineapple can be said to be a little bit more earthy and greasy, without losing the fresh and elegant atmosphere. It is like a beautiful woman, whether it is visual or tasteful, it is a unique flavor.



  1. 1, pineapple peeled diced

  2. 2, duck bones, diced

  3. 3, put the duck into a large bowl, add water starch, cooking wine, salted for 15 minutes

  4. 4, put the oil in the pot, after the oil is hot, the onion and ginger are sautéed, and the duck is stir-fried.

  5. 5, fry the duck into white, transfer to soy sauce, oyster sauce, stir well

  6. 6, into the peas, pineapple and stir fry evenly out of the potrKitchen whisper: The peas I use are ready-to-eat. If they are raw peas, they should be used after drowning.

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