Recipe: Plum sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Plum sauce



  1. Choose mature plums more than a pound. (The weight after peeling and removing the core is 500g)

  2. Cut and nucleate with a knife

  3. Peeling

  4. Use 150 grams of white sugar to pickle the plum meat for half an hour until the juice is exuded

  5. Microwave high fire for five minutes

  6. Put a little salt

  7. Chopped with a spoon

  8. Continue to put 150 grams of white sugar

  9. Boil in the medium heat until the plum sauce water evaporates. When thicker, put 25 grams of QQ sugar. Continue to cook for a while. After cooling, put it into a sterilized wide-mouth bottle and use the inverted buckle to remove air. Put it in the refrigerator

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