Recipe: Poached sesame in garlic sauce with tomato sauce (super simple and delicious)

Home Cooking Recipe: Poached sesame in garlic sauce with tomato sauce (super simple and delicious)


The yuba and grass chicken are wild, and they are delicious. They are the ingredients in the house. Recently, a colleague initiated a group purchase of yuba in his hometown. As a result, two pounds were made into two packs by colleague Oolong (two pounds per pack). The yuba is very good, the thickness is even and it is very easy to soak, so it changes the way to eat yuba. . The weather is too hot recently, there is no appetite, think of yuba in the refrigerator, just like tomatoes, why not come to a tomato yuba? It turned out that the tomato yuba is very delicious, super meal, and the practice is very simple, it is shared with friends.



  1. Shanghai Qing washed or cut open, yuba pre-water soft, shredded or cut as you like, rice pepper, garlic chopped for use, tomatoes peeled and cut into small pieces for use.

  2. Put half a pot of water in the pot and boil, put a little oil and a little salt (this will keep the boiled greens green), put the Shanghai green into the boil for two minutes, remove the plate, and then put the yuba into the pot and boil for two minutes ( This depends on the yuba you bought. If it is harder, you need to cook it for a little longer.) Spoon out and spread it on the greens.

  3. Heat the wok in the wok, put a proper amount of cooking oil, sauté the garlic pepper, add the tomatoes and stir fry, add the appropriate amount of salt, stir the sugar into the tomato juice, add a little tomato sauce and mix well, add half a bowl of water to boil. Two minutes, then sprinkle with a little black pepper to taste, cook a little bit of juice and turn off the fire, pour the garlic sauce on the yuba, ok, a plate of delicious, the value of the explosion of tomato juice poured white yuba All right. Sour sweet and sour appetizer, you may wish to try it.


Yuba must be soaked in advance. If you buy a bit of yuba, the hardness is relatively high, so it is easier to soak with hot water.

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