Recipe: Portuguese egg tarts

Home Cooking Recipe: Portuguese egg tarts


Into the autumn! Say goodbye to the jelly, come and eat some warm snacks!



  1. The skin is smashed into a cake of 0.3~0.5cm thickness and then rolled into a roll.

  2. Cut 1CM thick small rolls into a tart of egg tart

  3. Cut the small rolls with some high-gluten flour, put the powdered side up and put the egg mold, and push the pie with the thumb to cover the whole mold.

  4. Push the pie for 30 minutes

  5. Prepare a small pot, pour in light cream, milk, condensed milk, sugar, and cook until the sugar melts.

  6. After cooling to room temperature, add egg yolk and low-gluten flour, stir well

  7. After sifting, it becomes egg tart

  8. Oven 220 degree preheating

  9. Pour the egg tart into the mold, about 7 minutes full

  10. The egg tart is sent to the middle layer of the oven, and it is baked at 220 degrees for about 20 minutes, until the surface appears to be in focus.


1. My pies are usually made in advance (after being rolled up and placed in the freezer), so when you do it, you can use it in the refrigerator and use it to unfreeze it. So there is no first step in the wood. In addition, I really can't remember the amount of pie skin, because I am a roll. . . Every time there will be a pie, I will bake it directly. . . 2. Push the bottom of the skin as thin as possible so that the bottom will be crisp enough. 3. Let stand for 30 minutes is the bottom line! Don't be an acute child, or send a skin into the oven and immediately retract, then the egg is overflowing, the tragedy is incomparable. . . 4. If there is no condensed milk, it will be replaced directly with the same amount of sugar. This is the practice of the bold! 5. Oh! The most important thing, the practice of the pie is seen in the "Thousand Layers of Shortbread"!

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