Recipe: Preserved egg lean porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Preserved egg lean porridge


Nowadays, whether it is a restaurant or a kitchen, the food is more and more refined, with rich ingredients and beautiful dishes. But when it comes to breakfast, it is often a few monotonous styles. Many families have trouble omitting the steps of making breakfast at home, and some people simply do not eat breakfast. Not eating breakfast may save some time, but without the normal supply of nutrients, I am afraid that some days of work and study have lost some motivation. So don't ignore the breakfast, but also have a reasonable breakfast mix. The lazy version of preserved egg lean meat porridge, even in a hurry in the morning, will not delay time.



  1. Wash the rice again, then soak

  2. Cut the onion, ginger and parsley, cut the tenderloin or cut the minced pork, diced the preserved egg. If you want to shorten the time, the meat can be prepared the night before.

  3. Pour 5-6 bowls of water into the pot, add the meat, ginger and stir, heat and wait for the boil

  4. When the water is open, put the soaked rice into the pot (the rice is opened after the water is opened, and it is not easy to stick the pot). After the pot is opened, adjust the small fire until the rice is boiled.

  5. After the rice is cooked, put in preserved eggs (finally preserved eggs, the color of the porridge is beautiful), put the right amount of salt

  6. Put onions, parsley, turn off the fire


Preserved egg porridge is slightly salty, can mobilize the appetite of the day, and can provide protein and other nutrients, with buns, pancakes, salted duck eggs and other foods to ensure that your breakfast is hungry and nutritious. Don't forget to give a happy breakfast to your busy day ^_^

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