Recipe: Private house chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Private house chicken



  1. Chicken cut, potato peeling hob block (don't be too small, or boil it into mashed potatoes.), green pepper cut, onion cut

  2. Boil the water in the pot. After the water is opened, put 2 pieces of ginger, cooking wine, 2 peppers, chicken, and remove them after 1 minute.

  3. Another wok, put the oil to heat, turn to a small fire, put pepper, star anise, dried red pepper, fried incense

  4. Put in ginger and garlic, smell the scent, add chicken, add wine, stir fry

  5. Add a spoonful of bean paste, stir fry evenly, put the potatoes in, add some soy sauce, stir fry together

  6. Pour a beer, have no chicken, boil over the fire, cook over low heat, cook until the soup is only a little more than 1/3 of the time, put onions, stir fry and continue to cook

  7. Stew until the juice is almost the same, add green pepper, minced garlic, stir fry, add a little bit of water (the water here is the amount of the last soup)

  8. The soup is controlled to the extent you need it

  9. Add MSG or Chicken

  10. carry out


According to the recipe, the potato tastes softer, because it takes a little longer to cook. If you don't like to eat potatoes, it is very soft. . . Do not put the potatoes too early, or boil them and cook them into mashed potatoes. . . TUT Of course if you like to eat mashed potatoes! ! ! So cook for a while! ! ! ! If you want to eat noodle soup, you can have a little more. If you just have rice, you can take a little bit of soup.

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