Recipe: Pure handmade ice powder (traditional brown sugar ice powder)

Home Cooking Recipe: Pure handmade ice powder (traditional brown sugar ice powder)


The jelly is a very common snack in the summer of my hometown. Its name is many, some places called it ice powder, Mulian tofu. The pure jelly is made from fake acid syrup. Now the supermarket has a "cool powder" powder to sell, get it back and brew quickly. But the tastes are a lot different, and the smoothness and freshness of the handmade ones are far apart. Creating a taste in memory in a small kitchen far from home is a tearful thing.



  1. Prepare a gauze bag, 2000g of cool white. Use a cup to pack 200g of cool white open.

  2. Put 50g of jelly seed into the gauze bag and rinse it slightly under the tap.

  3. Pinch the gauze bag and place it in a large bowl filled with cool whites to wash the jelly seeds. The movement is gentle, try not to expose the bag to the water.

  4. After washing for about 10-15 minutes, I feel that the bag has become rough, the pulp is getting less and less, and there are a lot of small bubbles in the basin.

  5. 5 g of lime was poured into 200 g of cool white and clarified. Pour the clear lime water into the simmered jelly water and mix well. Note that only pour lime water.

  6. After standing for about 1 hour, the jelly will solidify and freeze. You can put it in the refrigerator and let it cool.

  7. Add some water to the brown sugar and put it in a small pot and stir it. Add sugar according to your taste. Boil it into a bubble of red syrup and let it cool.

  8. Use a large spoon to pour the jelly in a small bowl and add brown sugar water. Put the mint leaves in a bowl and mash them with a spoon to increase the flavor. You can also put a little white vinegar (put it in with chopsticks).

  9. Now you can start eating!


1. Do not use mineral water or pure water, and the failure rate is high. 2, conditional can be made with well water. 3, cool white to completely cool, you can put it in the refrigerator to cool it.

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