Recipe: Pure natural pumpkin

Home Cooking Recipe: Pure natural pumpkin


Pumpkin seeds are a must-have for home, nothing to do with leisure, watching TV and a few mouthfuls. Du Niang said that pumpkin seeds are good in variety, they can kill insects, and they can reduce blood pressure and prevent angina. They can also help sleep to alleviate depression and even lower blood sugar. Having said so many benefits, I just think it's delicious, it doesn't contain all kinds of flavor pigments, it's fragrant, nothing more. Feng Zi's writing of melon seeds is very expressive. "I think that among the three doctoral talents of the Chinese, the ability to bite the seeds is the most admirable. The common idle young masters, holding a cigarette between one finger, holding a handful of seeds in one hand, and sucking and biting And bite and eat, and eat and talk, and talk and laugh. Calm free, really "crossing freehand!" "They don't have to pick the seeds, they don't have to use their fingers to peel them off. A melon seeds are stuffed into the mouth, just bite the "grid", "smack" and spit out all the shells, and there Chewing the meat of the melon seeds. The mouth is like a delicate and sensitive machine, and it is constantly stuffed into the seeds. It is endlessly "grid, "呸", "格", "呸", ... all without effort, can never be Nothing to stop. The biting melons of the women and the ladies have a particularly good attitude; they use the fingers of orchids to pick up the round end of the seeds, and put the seeds vertically in the middle of the incisors, and use the incisors to bite their tips. "The two sounds, the tip of the two-shell shell will split to the left and right. Then the hand turned agilely, while the head also helped the side slightly, so that the seeds were placed horizontally on the front door, and the two flaps were respectively opened with the upper and lower teeth, and the tip of the melon meat was bitten. It comes out to eat. This way of eating is not only the sound of "," is crisp and audible, the posture of the hand and the side of the head is very stunned, and some are charming and moving. Even the melon seeds that have been thrown away look like a blossoming orchid. ”



  1. Take pumpkin seeds and clean them

  2. Spread in the plate, exposed, about two or three days. The weather is hot now, not directly in the sun, about four or five days.

  3. After drying in the wok, stir fry for a minute or two, it will be more fragrant.


The oven version has not been tried and should be more convenient and quicker. The photo was not fried before. Sealed and stored.

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