Recipe: Qiaohu Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Qiaohu Cake



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: First draw a picture of Qiaohu

    First draw a picture of Qiaohu

  2. Slice the cake into 3 pieces and apply cream

  3. Put the cut canned peach into a cake sandwich

  4. Put all three cakes neatly

  5. Smooth the cake embryo with cream

  6. Draw a nice figure of the tiger and put it on the cake. Use a toothpick to outline the side and remove it.

  7. Then use the melted chocolate to draw the details. (Before drawing the details, it is best to use a toothpick to mark the part where the detail is to be symmetrical.)

  8. Decorated with mirrored pectin in various flavors

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