Recipe: Rabbit meat radish

Home Cooking Recipe: Rabbit meat radish



  1. Rabbit meat soaks in water for a day. (If you buy rabbit meat, if you have more blood, you must take more time to remove the blood, so it won’t linger.)

  2. Add rabbit meat and boil in the pot, remove the water, and wash the rabbit meat.

  3. In the casserole, add meat-free, onion, ginger, and various seasonings for 30 minutes.

  4. Add the diced radish and cook until the radish is rotten.


1. Rabbit meat is rich in nutrients. If you have the chance, you can eat more. 2, rabbit meat must be as much as possible for a while, there will be no smell. 3, according to my husband's statement, the taste of rabbit meat is not the same as pig and mutton, some of the feeling of game.

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