Recipe: Rabbit skull

Home Cooking Recipe: Rabbit skull



  1. The pumpkin is peeled and peeled, cut into pieces, placed in a steamer and steamed and taken out (about 10 minutes); the steamed pumpkin is drained slightly and then mashed into a mud, until the temperature drops to about 35 degrees. Add active dry yeast, mix well until yeast dissolves

  2. Add the flour to the pumpkin puree, mix well with chopsticks, then knead well into a pumpkin dough, cover with moist gauze and place in a warm place for 1.5 to 2 hours. When the dough is fermented to twice the volume before fermentation, can

  3. The fermented dough is placed on a chopping board sprinkled with a thin layer of flour to fully squeeze out the air inside, knead into strips, and then divided into small doses.

  4. Knock the small piece into a rounded shape as shown in the figure, then bend the pointed end upwards and flatten it, then cut it with scissors, arrange it into two ears of the rabbit, and then use two Finger gently squeezed under the rabbit's ear to form the rabbit's face, and finally put a black sesame on the left and right sides as the rabbit's eyes; thus, the rabbit's taro is ready.

  5. Boil the rabbit's taro for another 20 minutes, then put it in a steamer with a little oil. After the fire is steamed for about 10 minutes, turn off the heat and wait for about 3 minutes before taking it out.


1. When steaming pumpkin, put the pumpkin directly on the steamer to avoid too much water; it is best to use a microwave oven, so that the water will be less; the specific amount of flour in the pumpkin dough is ultimately based on the moisture in the pumpkin puree. The content is determined; it can be added or subtracted according to the actual situation; because the pumpkin dough is more viscous, it is recommended that the dough be slightly harder; 2. The fermentation time of the dough will vary depending on the temperature. The method for judging whether the dough is fermented is as follows: the dough is dipped in flour and inserted into the dough. After the fingers are pulled out, the dough around the fingerprint does not rebound and does not sink, indicating that the fermentation is just right. If the dough around the fingerprint quickly rebounds, it means that the fermentation time is not enough; if the dough around the fingerprint is quickly sunken, the dough is over-fermented; in general, when the dough is fermented to the size before the fermentation, the volume is twice as large as the dough. When there are many honeycomb shaped holes, it can be used; 3. The cut small agent is also preferably covered with a piece of moist gauze to avoid drying;

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