Recipe: [recipe] chicken noodles with cold noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: [recipe] chicken noodles with cold noodles


The chicken noodle is a very simple food in the summer, with the favorite vegetables and sauces. Everyone will make a cold noodle that suits their taste. Today, this chicken noodle is introduced to the north. Favorite sesame sauce, add some chili, very palatable ~



  1. Cook the cold water in the pan and put it on the side

  2. Put the chicken breast into the dish, add a little white wine, green onion, ginger, salt, white pepper and mix it slightly. Cook in a microwave oven for 3-4 minutes. Take it out and tear it into chicken

  3. Hemp sauce, peanut butter one by one, put together with hot water, slightly seasoned

  4. Hot oil in the pot, fried peanuts, peanuts are colored and then crushed. Use crude oil to scent the pepper, dry pepper, chopped green onion, remove the fragrant, then mix the sesame oil, and finally put the finished 'harmonic oil' aside.

  5. Put the cold noodles in the bowl, then put on the chicken, vegetables, sprinkle with peanuts, and make a good 'harmonized oil', and finally pour the prepared sesame sauce ~ this is done! Take a bottle of chili sauce, prepare a pickle, and watch the TV show while eating noodles~


1. The production of “reconciliation oil” is very important. Many times, it has been found that the oil that has been fried with peanuts is once again scented, and the noodles or cold dishes are more delicious. It is a small trick that everyone can use in a wide range of cooking. The essence of the noodles is the fusion of different tastes and tastes. You like to eat sour and add some vinegar. You can also add some fuel to make it fresh. The important thing is to mix it as you like! I hope that you can also create the most delicious noodles ~

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