Recipe: Red bean dumplings (small)

Home Cooking Recipe: Red bean dumplings (small)


There is a representative Japanese dim sum called "Shu", which is made by adding small beans and rice cakes to a thick, sweet soup. "The couple is good at" in the well-known Japanese literary writer Oda Nobuyuki's novel, located near Dotonbori in the Chuo-ku, Osaka City; there is only a few seats in a small dessert shop because the dessert is owned by the store. Founded, so the name of the store is the same as the only dessert in the store. In fact, "the couple is good at" is the red bean dumpling. The difference is that although the red bean soup here is one person, it uses a tray to send two bowls at the same time. Each bowl has a dumpling, and the couple have a better meaning together. ..



  1. Red beans are soaked for more than 2 hours in advance, boiled in a pot and boiled into red bean soup, seasoned with rock sugar;

  2. Glutinous rice flour is mixed with warm water to form a powder dough, which is turned into a solid dumpling, boiled in boiling water until it floats, and the taste is more Q with ice water or cold water; then it can be placed in red bean soup.


Adding a little salt to the red bean soup will have a different flavor, but it depends entirely on your taste, whether you want to put it or not.

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