Recipe: Red dates, glutinous rice, white fungus

Home Cooking Recipe: Red dates, glutinous rice, white fungus


I remember eating baby porridge when I was young. The favorite is the glutinous rice. At that time, I still didn't understand the effect of glutinous rice. Later, I realized that the original glutinous rice can spleen and wet. Most suitable for office workers who lack sports. Many people go to work one day, The spleen is in charge of the muscles, and sedentary makes the air stagnation, which will affect the function of the spleen. The body also produces moisture, and the body is heavy, and the whole person is lazy. At this time, you can eat some glutinous rice, which is good for getting wet and spleen. In addition to glutinous rice, there are lotus seeds, white fungus, and red dates in this sweet rice. Lotus seeds can nourish the mind and improve the quality of sleep. Tremella moisturizing the lungs, red dates, qi and blood, It is a nourishing sweet that can be eaten regularly.



  1. Glutinous rice and white fungus are soaked in cold water for 20 minutes. After the white fungus is foamed, the roots are cut off. The large white fungus can be cut into small pieces.

  2. Wash all the ingredients into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, boil and simmer for about 2 hours until the glutinous rice is flowering and the white fungus is soft. Of course, you can also master the cooking time according to your own taste.

  3. Add the right amount of rock sugar or sugar to taste before the pan


Lu Ayi Tips: 1. The lotus seeds do not need to be soaked, and they are directly put into the cold water to cook out. Experienced friends can purchase materials by themselves, and should be sold in food markets and pharmacies. Students who are unfamiliar with the materials do not need to worry about it. My Taobao shop has a good soup package. As long as there is sugar in the house, with our package of materials, you can take a pot of health and sweetness.

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