Recipe: Red yeast wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Red yeast wine


Thinking of the autumn and cold is getting heavier and heavier, just make a sweet wine. Drink it to nourish and activating blood. The sweet taste is the cat's love~ When you do it, you add a special red rice, not only the color is more beautiful, but also the effect of promoting blood circulation is better~ Of course, the degree of wine will not be achieved~ just let the sweetness of rice come out completely~ Little baby can drink too~



  1. Wash the rice, put it into the rice cooker, and measure the red yeast rice.

  2. Add red yeast rice, mix well with white rice; add 1mm less water than usual to cook rice; break up to dry to body temperature

  3. Add a bag of Angelic liqueur

  4. Mix the powdered rice with rice

  5. Fill the mixed rice into a clean bottle and squeeze it tightly. Leave a hole in the middle. Sprinkle about 3 tablespoons of cool white on each bottle.

  6. Screw on the cap, put it into the connected yogurt machine, pour the water with the same temperature, and cover the yogurt machine cover.

  7. At room temperature of about 17 degrees, after two days and one day, the sweet juice is oozing out in the middle of the rice hole. When the rice leaves the bottle wall, it can be taken out from the yogurt machine.

  8. Store in a cold room

  9. Take a proper amount of red yeast wine and add your favorite amount of water.


When you do, you can use better quality rice, better rice~ If in the south, pay attention to the temperature is not too high, you can properly open the outer cover of the yogurt machine, so as not to overheat the bacteria to lose the fermentation effect ~ The bottle is a cat's canned fruit bottle and a sauce bottle. Remember to wash it. Usually, the cat is washed and dried, then wiped again with medical alcohol. Of course, you can also use a microwave to add a little water to the high temperature disinfection~ Use a small bottle to make wine, use and collect more convenient than the yogurt machine. Special attention should be paid to: The entire operation process must be clean and oil-free.

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