Recipe: Refreshing and delicious cold radish~

Home Cooking Recipe: Refreshing and delicious cold radish~


It’s easy to make it cool and refreshing, and it’s delicious and delicious! It's a good side dish~



  1. The radish is washed, the scorpion is also kept ~ small radish slices, the baby dish is shredded, put together a little salt and mix well, put about 10-20 minutes, will effluent, squeeze out the water out of most.

  2. Cut the hazelnut into a section of about 3cm, put it together with the radish doll dish~ add white vinegar, sugar, a little salt, sesame oil

  3. Chop the garlic cloves, put them on the dish, then use a metal spoon or a small pot to burn the oil to a little smoke, pour over the garlic ~ mix well, just fine!


Any vegetable you like can be mixed so much ~ sugar and vinegar will not be very sweet and sour, but it will make the taste of the dish very refreshing ~ the proportion can be adjusted according to your own taste ~

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