Recipe: Salted chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Salted chicken



  1. Clean the three yellow chickens

  2. The internal organs in the chicken cavity should also be washed clean. Especially the chicken lungs must be pulled out, or else

  3. Cut off chicken feet and chicken heads (you can also keep them, cut them out to cook soup with chicken viscera)

  4. Dry the water from the chicken

  5. Take a piece of salted chicken paper and lay it flat, put the chicken in the middle of the paper

  6. Wrap the whole chicken

  7. Put a layer of coarse salt in the pot

  8. Put the wrapped chicken in the middle of the pot

  9. Pour coarse salt

  10. Until the whole salt is covered with coarse salt, cover the lid, put the pot on the stove, and simmer for 20-25 minutes.

  11. Pull out the salt and take the chicken out

  12. Then tear the salted chicken paper, and the salty chicken will be ready.


Pay attention to a few points, and you can easily make such a delicious one: 1, it is best to use farm chicken, this incense is not comparable to other chickens, you can also buy three yellow chicken, pick a head medium. 2, do not put any seasonings, only use coarse salt, must completely wrap the whole chicken, so that the color of the chicken will be even. (Northern cheese can like to put some onion ginger in the chicken body internal). 3. The sea salt at the bottom of the oyster is higher than the two index fingers. If the sea salt is too shallow, the kitchen paper on the chicken will be burnt, and the chicken skin will be black and hard. 4, must control the water on the chicken body, so that when you are squatting, it will not cause too much water to flow out, resulting in the bottom coke pot. 5, paper for chicken, you can use straw paper, kraft paper or special salt paper, if you can not buy, you can also use kitchen paper instead. 6, the salt used for salt chicken, should be selected a little deeper, in order to be able to install sea salt; because the corrugated will crack when used, but it does not matter, you can keep the salt chicken, you can also use other Make the pot, as long as it is deep enough. 7. After the salted chicken is finished, just remove the black salt from the bottom of the pot. The white sea salt can be kept for the next time, but remember that the used salt can only be placed on the bottom of the pot. Use new salt. If all of the used old salt is used, the chicken that is thrown out will be hard.

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