Recipe: Salted mustard seedling

Home Cooking Recipe: Salted mustard seedling


Mustard is warm and spicy, and belongs to the lungs and stomach. There is a Xuanfei sputum, good temperature, detoxification and swelling, appetizing and digestion, warm and good gas, eyesight and profit; Indications for cough and stagnation, chest fullness, sore throat, deafness, swollen gums, cold abdominal pain, constipation and other diseases.



  1. Mustard seedlings are cleaned and drained

  2. Boil boiled water, add ginger and garlic, and oil salt

  3. Pour the mustard seedlings after the water is opened

  4. Mustard seedlings to soft body, cooked


Mustard seedlings can be washed with light salt water, which can effectively remove pesticides!

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