Recipe: Sauce abalone chicken rice (Taji pot)

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauce abalone chicken rice (Taji pot)


Very delicious and very fragrant! For other dishes of this meal, see "Simple Brunch for a Busy Weekend"



  1. It takes a little longer for the rice to be soaked, not less than one hour.

  2. Marinated chicken. After washing the chicken, wash it a little, rinse it off, and mix it with the abalone. Use soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, onion, ginger, aniseed, and sugar. Time is not less than half an hour

  3. Apply a layer of oil to the Taji pot, a thin layer. Then add the soaked rice and water. The amount of water should not be too much. The water is about one knuckle (preferably not to the position of the first knuckle) than the index finger at the height of the meter. Cover the lid, cook for 4 minutes on high heat, turn to low heat, the smaller the better, cook for 8 minutes, open the lid to see that the water is basically dried. Stir

  4. Put the marinated chicken abalone on the surface of the rice. The onion and ginger pieces are also placed. The sauce of the pickled chicken does not need to be fully poured. Only two spoons can be placed on the surface of the chicken. After the fire is still a small fire, it can be slightly larger than just 15 minutes. After turning off the fire, don't open the lid, 焖15-20

  5. I can burn the vegetables during the glutinous rice process. I used the leaves of my own small rapeseed, which is very clean and healthy, so I just burn it with boiling water.

  6. After the chicken rice is cooked, put the hot vegetables and use the high temperature of the chicken rice to quickly mix the vegetables with the chicken.

  7. Sing out

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