Recipe: Scallion abalone

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallion abalone


Generally, the onion abalone is treated with a whole cross knife, and the family is not enough. Today, the abalone slices are sautéed with bean sprouts. It is very refreshing and well received. It is quick and easy.



  1. The abalone is washed and sliced.

  2. Soybean sprouts are soaked in salt water for ten minutes, rinsed and ready for use.

  3. After the water in the pot is opened, put the bean sprouts in hot water for about two minutes, and drain the water into the dish.

  4. Put the hot water in the pot with ginger and add a little salt. After the water is opened, put the sliced ​​abalone and simmer for about two minutes. Pick up the drained water and place it on the bean sprouts.

  5. Steamed fish oyster sauce, vinegar and sugar with a little mineral water to make the soup, heat it and pour it into the abalone bean sprouts and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

  6. Pour the appropriate amount of vegetable oil into the pot, heat it and pour it into the abalone bean sprouts. When you hear the sound of “吱吱”, this quick-handed dish is finished.


The abalone drowning time can't be too long, for a few minutes, the pros will take care of themselves, and it will be old for a long time!

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