Recipe: Seafood pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Seafood pasta


The statement picture is borrowed. After you finish eating, you think about it and make it up next time. After eating this face in Italy, I will never forget it. Fresh parsley is sprinkled with distinct noodles. When you eat it, you can eat a little fresh seafood and a richly scented olive oil. The mouth is light, but it is delicious. After seeing an Italian food show, I found that the dish was so easy to cook, and it was completely fresh and delicious. If the noodle ingredients were ready for ten minutes.



  1. Cook the noodles (usually 4-5 minutes, look at the time tips on the noodle box) and put them aside to dry. Don't be too bad, otherwise it's not good to eat and sells badly.

  2. Pour the olive oil in the pan, and the amount can be more. Take a garlic clove, cut the red pepper, and stir the scent together.

  3. Pour the green mussels washed with water into the oil pan, stir fry, add the shrimp, cook the white wine, black pepper powder, cover, cook with steam, and let the shellfish open. Time is generally not too long.

  4. Pour the boiled noodles with the shellfish and shrimp and mix well. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and mix well.

  5. There is no gorgeous appearance, and complex cooking, but the taste is unique. People who love the sea generally like this taste.

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