Recipe: Secret Northwest Grilled Lamb Chops

Home Cooking Recipe: Secret Northwest Grilled Lamb Chops


Grilled lamb chops are the famous dishes/hard dishes in the northwest that capture the whole country and the world. Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang, Gan and Qing each have their rich ethnic characteristics and flavors. In Nanjing, even when I was studying in Beijing, I often encountered some pickled oysters and fatty mutton. In addition, cooking was unsatisfactory, and it was really disappointing. It seemed that there was a group of lazy people who had no chance to ride the grassland for a lifetime. Sadly stupid. The mutton in the northwest is not unscrupulous, fat and thin, and the meat is delicious and fat. Gansu Jingyuan SheepQinghaiyang SheepNingxia Yanchitan Sheep Inner Mongolia Xilin Gol League and Alashan League SheepXinjiang Altay Big Tail SheepShaanbei Yulin Sheep, the six brands lead the world. You may have more or less a gentle soft sister or a soft-hearted friend who never touches the mutton, but it is also difficult to reach a coveted northwestern grilled lamb chops.



  1. The lamb chops are washed and the water is cold. Into white, ginger, cooking wine, star anise, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, peppercorns, salt. Boil it and remove it.

  2. The lamb chops are served in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes. (Intelligent pressure cooker, choose meat ribs - simmer - default pressure, you can)

  3. The lamb chops retrieved from the pressure cooker are placed in the pot, and the black pepper is crushed, mashed, salted and peppered. Marinate for more than half an hour (when the lamb chops are not so hot, you can massage the lamb chops to make them evenly scented).

  4. The marinated lamb chops are wrapped in tin foil, and the baking tray is placed on a tin foil. The wrapped sheep are placed in a baking tray, placed in the middle of the oven, and fired up and down at 200 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.

  5. While roasting the lamb chops, the honey is cut with a little water, pour the same amount of black pepper juice, a little sesame oil, and mix well as a paint.

  6. Remove the lamb chops, spread out the tin foil bag, put the lamb chops on the upper side of the grease, and evenly apply the paint of step 5. If the weight is heavy, you can sprinkle some cumin, black pepper, salt, chili noodles, etc. according to personal preference; Sprinkle some chopped green onion (scallions, shallots, onions)

  7. Add the lamb chops to the middle of the oven, get angry, 200 degrees Celsius, after 10~15 minutes, the color is bright, the outside is crisp and tender, and enjoy the delicious.


If your mutton source is good enough and fresh enough, the following recommended non-full-flavoured version: starting from step 3, directly marinate the raw lamb chops for more than two hours or even overnight; step 4 tin foil must be packaged to prevent moisture loss. Adjust the temperature appropriately and lengthen the baking time; follow the steps below. If you are doing a full cooked version, congratulations on harvesting a good sheep soup at the same time! Throw some noodles and boil, add garlic and parsley to a sprinkle, add some oil and pepper, soak it!

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