Recipe: Shrimp (skin) cabbage soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Shrimp (skin) cabbage soup


Eating rice in winter, drinking a bowl of shrimp (skin) cabbage soup is too cool. Friends may wish to make a bowl of taste. Take three bowls as an example.



  1. Put the oil in the wok, fry the noodles with a small fire and stir fry.

  2. Wait until the noodles are fried and add water

  3. After the water is boiled, increase the cabbage (the best tearing)

  4. Stew for 30 minutes or more on low heat

  5. Add shrimp (skin), add salt, and add MSG to the pan.


Shrimp (skin) cabbage soup is salty and has a taste of salt. If salted shrimp (skin) salt is used, it must be added less.

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