Recipe: Shrimp tofu steamed egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Shrimp tofu steamed egg


Steamed eggs, also called "egg eggs" in the north. In fact, it is a meaning! The water egg that you want to steam out is fresh and smooth, and you really need three tips! It is recommended to look at the tips before the operation!



  1. The lactone tofu is cut into small pieces, the green onions are cut into green onions, and the eggs are beaten into the bowl~

  2. Rinse the shrimp with a teaspoon of salt and rinse immediately. After draining the water, add a little bit of starch and mix well.

  3. After the lactone tofu is cut, it is placed in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to allow excess water in the tofu to ooze out. Do not pour off the water from the tofu, and place the tofu block evenly in the deep dish. Add 1g of salt to the egg and beat evenly. Ordinary eggs have a net weight of about 50g. Therefore, it is necessary to add 2 times of water to dilute, that is, about 80-100g of water or cold soup can be. After the addition, the mixture was evenly whipped, and the egg liquid was filtered through a filter to isolate excess bubbles, and the egg liquid was poured on the tofu. Wrap the plastic wrap and steam on the pan for 8-10 minutes~ Remember not to use the fire!

  4. During the steaming season, adjust a very simple sauce. 1 tbsp of steamed fish oyster sauce, 1 tablespoon of cold boiled water or cold broth, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil, stir well. After the water egg is steamed, remove the plastic wrap and place the marinated shrimp and steam for 2 minutes. Pour in the sauce before serving, and sprinkle with chopped green onion to serve. This dish is a fast-food cooking for all ages!


Focus: 1 egg, you need to add 2 eggs to the weight of the water. Filter the egg mixture through the filter to separate the bubbles. Wrap the plate with a wrap and steam over medium heat. Do not use a large fire. The above three points!!! Special note: Thank you for your love of this recipe. I have seen your work in these two days, and I feel that some precautions need to be explained to you. 1. Mainly the ratio of egg to tofu, 1 egg (about 50g) + 250g or so lactone tofu is a suitable ratio. If there is more tofu, the proportion of eggs will also increase, so that there is no problem of water and water after steaming. 2. Don't cut the tofu too much, so the water will be more average when it is steamed, so it will not affect the overall effect. 3. If you want to steam out the effect of the recipe picture, the tofu will naturally be placed in the middle of the plate, and then the egg liquid will be drenched.

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