Recipe: Simple and delicious tomato goulash

Home Cooking Recipe: Simple and delicious tomato goulash


Simple and fast and delicious beef stew, no need to use a drop of oil, with rice, with steamed bread, noodles, super wild, all ages! If you are used to entertain guests, you can count as a hard dish for the scene! ????



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh beef is bought back and washed and cut into large pieces according to your own habits.

    Fresh beef is bought back and washed and cut into large pieces according to your own habits.

  2. Add cold water that can be used without beef, add beef, add a little cooking wine, boil and boil, remove the float!

  3. While boiled beef, take out the electric pressure cooker liner, add the hot water that has just had no beef, add the prepared ginger, green onion, ketchup, fresh tomato, note that the tomato can be cut, if you want to cut it, you can also But it's best to cut a big chunk! Pour into soy sauce, soy sauce can be poured more properly, my habit is to pour into the pot, the color of the water in the pot is obviously deeper, no longer transparent! At this time, the amount of salt is determined according to the amount of soy sauce you add. If you feel that it is not easy to master, you can wait for the beef to be stewed and add salt afterwards! Of course, the most important stewed beef and mutton package must remember to put it!

  4. After finishing the above preparations, the beef is cooked too much, keep the fire, the pot is always in a boiling state, and use the hedge to remove the beef and put it into the pressure cooker! Cover the lid and start to stew!

  5. I use the Adi pot, choose the bean/hoof button, and it will take about 30 minutes for the beef! Do not use a drop of oil in the whole process, the finished meat is tender and fresh, and the value is not low! If you have rice, you can put less water when you cook. If you want to drink soup and eat meat with steamed bread, just follow the amount of water in my formula. If you want to mix noodles, add more noodles to the soup!


Boiled beef to blood must be a cool underwater pot, the water of the official beef stew must be hot water! Personally feel that the burdock and burdock are good to stew, look at personal preferences! I like to eat spicy children's shoes. I can also add a little bit of Pixian bean paste in the past! Surprise! A lot of cockroaches, in fact, the actual operation will be ten minutes, and the rest will be handed over to the pressure cooker! Personally feel very convenient!

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