Recipe: Simple black pepper steak

Home Cooking Recipe: Simple black pepper steak


I don't know what the name is, just click on it, simple black pepper steak, I have nothing to do at home, huh, huh.



  1. I bought the beef. (If you want to be tender, I won’t pick it myself. I will tell the meat chef, give me a tender, don’t know if he has a special selection.), wash it, blot it with absorbent paper. Use the back of the knife to break the ribs.

  2. The front and back of the beef are coated with olive oil, the olive oil is enough, the black pepper and the salt are sprinkled, the taste is taken, the plastic wrap is wrapped, and the refrigerator is kept for 1 to 2 hours.

  3. Do not put anything in the frying pan, heat it, then directly discharge the marinated cattle into it, wait, I will fry the front and back for 1 minute, don't be too long, it will be hard and then paste.

  4. Drain the fried beef into the plate and put a little red wine on it.


The onion rings on the top of the figure are cut later, used to get rid of greasy, this is everyone's favorite. This is 7,8 mature, tastes good, feels better than going to some western restaurants, maybe it is the reason for doing it yourself, haha.

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