Recipe: Sishen Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Sishen Soup


The four "sacred gods" of Huanren, lotus seeds, scorpion and scorpion are brought together to complement each other. The soup made has many benefits such as beauty, fire, diuretic, etc., and almost exerts the effect of "invincible". The name is well deserved.



  1. Boiled pork ribs (pig small intestine), about 20 minutes

  2. Taking a 20-minute gap, I will spend Angelica in rice wine.

  3. After 20 minutes, put 芡实.莲子.薏仁.茯苓 into

  4. Cook until the lotus seeds are ripe (about 15 minutes), put the wine into the angelica

  5. When finished, choose salt and seasoning according to your personal preference.


1. The smell of the small intestine of the pig is very heavy. It must be repeatedly frustrated with flour when washing. Otherwise, the Sishen soup will be destroyed because of its odor. Beer is also a good material for cleaning the pig small intestine. Can give it a try. 2. Some dried lotus seeds will have a bitter core. You can check it before use. If you still have a bitter core, you can use a fine needle to dial out. 3. Angelica is to taste the taste... Putting more will also be a bit bitter.

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