Recipe: Small fried beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Small fried beef


It’s a happy meal~



  1. Cut the thin slices of beef into thin slices, use pepper, soy sauce, a little raw powder (really with little raw powder) and pickle and marinate for a while.

  2. The gap of the cured beef, ginger shredded, garlic chopped, green pepper, cut a circle, dry red pepper cut section

  3. Put the oil in the wok and heat it. (The oil is more delicious than usual. ~~~~), small fire, put a little pepper, fry the fish, put a third of the garlic, and sauté the ginger. Pot, stir fry twice, marinated beef into the pot, put a little cooking wine, turn to the fire

  4. The beef is discolored and broken, and it is smashed to the side. The vacant place is to dry the red pepper. The small fire is slightly fried for a while, so be careful not to fry it.

  5. Then continue to pull the beef back, add a little soy sauce, increase the fire, stir fry a few green pepper rings and minced garlic together. Feel free to stir up a few times. Try salty enough to add salt

  6. a little bit of MSG seasoning

  7. carry out


Beef is very cooked! The key fire is big, the fire is hot! It’s been old for a long time. The pepper-frozen beef has almost no smell. If you like pepper, you can not fish it out~~

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