Recipe: Smoked bacon

Home Cooking Recipe: Smoked bacon


The bamboo shoots are actually bamboo shoots that have been smoked by fireworks. It is basically the same as the method of making white bamboo shoots, but with an additional baking process. Of course, the taste of dried bamboo shoots and white bamboo shoots is different, and it tastes different. When making bamboo shoots, the peasants dig the fresh bamboo shoots home, then peel off the bamboo shoots, cook them in half or four petals according to the size, then remove them and put them on the bamboo poles to hang them for cooking. Fire stove stove. Every time you cook, the fireworks from the firewood will be smoked to it. It will not take long before the wet bamboo shoots become dark black smoked bamboo shoots.



  1. Bacon is steamed or cooked, sliced ​​and boiled for one minute, and set aside.

  2. Smoked bamboo shoots

  3. 40% of the heat is put into the bacon, the oil is put on the onion, the ginger and garlic are fried and sautéed into the cooking wine.

  4. Add the smoked bamboo shoots and stir well, add salt, sugar, chicken seasoning, water starch and scented sesame oil out of the pot.


The dried bamboo shoots are very hard, and the general soaking method is difficult to soak the macerate. The following two methods are introduced: 1. In the foaming, first put the dried bamboo shoots into the iron pot, add the water and cook for 30 minutes, then cook for a while with a small fire, then remove the old roots, wash and soak in the rice water for use. 2. First use the cold water to soak the dried bamboo shoots and cut into thin slices. Then use a little alkaline water to boil and soak for about 5 minutes, remove the water, and rinse with water.

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