Recipe: Sour bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Sour bamboo shoots


When I was 10 years old, I already sold the snails to the cousin. When I was a child, I especially liked to eat snails. The speed at which the snails were eaten was not as fast as usual. The hands were quick to eat, and the hands were slow. The poor baby was ruthless in front of the food. of. Now Nanning is fried in the practice of Liuzhou, too oily, too spicy, soup is not fresh, there is no fragrance of perilla. Authentic sour bamboo shoots should be fresh (screw), sour (sour bamboo shoots), spicy (small rice pepper), fragrant (salted scallions, mint sour bamboo shoots), all



  1. Sour bamboo shoots clean, shredded to catch dry water; garlic, pepper, garlic, garlic; fresh basil, fake mint, washed and shredded

  2. Hot pot stir-fried sour bamboo shoots, put oil, garlic, pepper, fake scallions, basil, peppermint scent, put the screws to continue to stir fry, all the spices except salt continue to stir the scent, add water, no screws

  3. After half an hour, add salt to taste, and juice the pan (please mix a small amount of soup with salty lemon sauce to make a dip. It is the authentic method of eating Nanning snails)


After eating the screws, the remaining juice is heated to make soup, very fresh, so cool! Perilla and menthol are essential spices. Do not use spices such as star anise. Instead, the sour bamboo shoots must be fried and sautéed. This is the essence; snail soup is very delicious, so try it.

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