Recipe: Southern girl's southern face

Home Cooking Recipe: Southern girl's southern face


In the north, the morning of childhood, smeared to school, heart to mind at noon to go home to do the bean noodles. Memory of the scent of the beans and the ribs mixed in, the two bowls in one breath, are all beautiful.



  1. Put the oil in the pot, sauté the minced garlic and ginger, stir-fry or ribs.

  2. Add some cooking wine and soy sauce (eat spicy can be dried chili), wait until the meat is completely discolored, add warm water, no meat noodles, boil; cut the cut beans, tomatoes into the pot, flatten on the meat surface, change The fire and the lid began to smash.

  3. About 20 minutes or so, basically the meat and vegetables are cooked. Add salt according to your taste. Then spread the noodles evenly on the dish and continue to use medium heat. After a few minutes, open the lid and flip the noodles, then cover them for a few minutes until the pot has no soup. At this time, the meat and the noodles are completely blended, and the noodles maintain a good taste.


During the tanning period, the medium is kept in the middle of the fire; the soup must be sufficient, but not too much, and the plane is basically dry and wet with the plane.

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