Recipe: Soy flour cranberry

Home Cooking Recipe: Soy flour cranberry


Fangzi improved from the white egg-free milk version of Cranberry Si Kang, replaced the original corn oil and water with butter and milk, and added some flavor to the soybean powder. The newly released Sikang will be a bit bitter, and it will be very fragrant when it is cool. A healthy snack.



  1. Butter diced in cold.

  2. Cranberry diced.

  3. Sugar, flour, soy flour, salt sifted.

  4. Put the butter into the sifted powder and knead it into coarse grains by hand.

  5. Add cranberry, add milk to the mixture, and knead into a group.

  6. Dough into a dough about 1-2cm thick, emboss with a mold, brush the egg liquid, and bake at 200 ° C for 20 minutes.


Thickness to see what I like, I like a small thin sauce purple to eat a piece of guilt will not be more = =||| I use milk without whipping cream, light cream will bring a more mellow taste and taste but will be fat. . .

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